Experimental Techniques   Animal Behavior and Models

Topic Replies Activity
Real-time place preference/aversion apparatus: a proposal/idea 11 September 20, 2016
Comprehensive study of voluntary, evoked and home cage behaviors in the SNI model 3 September 5, 2016
Frequency Response Method with Von Frey - Sequential or Interleaved Applications? 1 August 13, 2016
Conditioned Place Aversion (CPA) assays in Mice.. Thoughts? 7 July 21, 2016
Where and how long do you apply the von Frey hair to the paw of the mouse? 2 July 20, 2016
What exactly is a 'flinch' anyway? 2 July 20, 2016
Do you test male and female mice/rats at the same time in the same place, or separate over time? 5 July 6, 2016