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Topic Replies Activity
Reactivation of Dormant Relay Pathways in Injured Spinal Cord by KCC2 Manipulations 1 July 25, 2018
Astrocytic Activation Generates De Novo Neuronal Potentiation and Memory Enhancement 1 May 24, 2018
Sensory Afferents Use Different Coding Strategies for Heat and Cold 1 May 16, 2018
Neuronal atlas of the dorsal horn defines its architecture and links sensory input to transcriptional cell types | Nature Neuroscience 1 April 23, 2018
Genetic Dissection of Neural Circuits: A Decade of Progress 1 April 18, 2018
Innate immune memory in the brain shapes neurological disease hallmarks 1 April 11, 2018
Chemogenetic Tools for Causal Cellular and Neuronal Biology 1 March 28, 2018
Functional Divergence of Delta and Mu Opioid Receptor Organization in CNS Pain Circuits 1 March 23, 2018
A Neural Circuit for the Suppression of Pain by a Competing Need State 1 March 23, 2018
Machine learning algorithm to assess spontaneous pain 2 March 18, 2018
Nontoxic, double-deletion-mutant rabies viral vectors for retrograde targeting of projection neurons 1 March 13, 2018
Neuroscience Needs Behavior: Correcting a Reductionist Bias 1 February 16, 2018
High-Speed Imaging of Paw Withdrawal Reflex to Objectively Assess Pain State in 1 February 13, 2018
RORβ Spinal Interneurons Gate Sensory Transmission during Locomotion to Secure a Fluid Walking Gait 1 January 27, 2018
Methods Used to Evaluate Pain Behaviors in Rodents 1 December 28, 2017
Nav1.8 neurons are involved in limiting acute phase responses to dietary fat 1 December 24, 2017
DRG Voltage-gated Sodium Channel 1.7 is Up-regulated in Paclitaxel-Induced Neuropathy in Rats and in Humans with Neuropathic Pain 1 December 23, 2017
Novel human pain insensitivity disorder caused by a point mutation in ZFHX2 | 1 December 21, 2017
Functional and Molecular Characterization of Mechanoinsensitive “Silent” Nociceptors 1 December 20, 2017
Social transfer of pain in mice 2 December 15, 2017
Exosomal cargo including microRNA regulates sensory neuron to macrophage communication after nerve trauma 1 December 2, 2017
Distinct behavioral responses evoked by selective optogenetic stimulation of the major TRPV1+ and MrgD+ subsets of C-fibers 1 December 1, 2017
Sensory Neurons Co-opt Classical Immune Signaling Pathways to Mediate Chronic Itch 1 November 17, 2017
In vivo dynamics of AAV-mediated gene delivery to sensory neurons of the 2 November 16, 2017
Transcriptional Profiling of Somatostatin Interneurons in the Spinal Dorsal Horn 1 November 9, 2017
Inflammation and nerve injury minimally affect mouse voluntary behaviors proposed as indicators of pain 3 November 1, 2017
Heteromeric α/β glycine receptors regulate excitability in parvalbumin-expressing dorsal horn neurons through phasic and tonic glycinergic inhibition 2 October 12, 2017
Spinal Circuits for Touch, Pain, and Itch 1 October 10, 2017
Quantitative Analysis of Mouse Dural Afferent Neurons Expressing TRPM8, VGLUT3, and NF200 1 October 7, 2017
Tissue fixation and the effect of molecular fixatives on downstream staining 1 October 6, 2017