SNI - thermal vs mechanical

Is there literature/can someone explain to me why we don’t see thermal hypersensitivity after SNI, but we see mechanical? Never understood why we wouldn’t see both. Thanks!

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Well by thermal do you mean any temperature, or just warm/hot?
They do have cold hypersensitivity

If you’re asking why not hypersensitivity to warming/heating, probably because whatever neuronal population or mechanism is responsible for that attribute is not induced in SNI. Perhaps others will have a better explanation @thicunha

The diference in neuronal population is one possible explanation, but why cold responsive neurons are but not heat encoding neurons are not sensitized is not clear. I also believe that SNI hypersensitivity (ate least in the Sural innervating region) is mainly due to central processes (spinal cord mechanisms/ maybe DRGs mechanism), whereas thermal hypersensitivity is normally a peripheral mechanism. @tberta @jmogil

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