What software do you use to score behavior videos?

So I want to do some behavioral assays with video recording, such as a real-time place aversion test or a conditioned place preference. We have Stoelting AnyMaze, which is very nice but we have only one copy and it’s very expensive. I’m interested in exploring other options. What do you use?

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Ethovision from Noldus is very powerful system. We use both in our lab.


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I use Med Associates Activity Monitors with inserts for Conditioned Place Preference. It doesn’t do video recording but it is an infra-red beam break system and records time in each chamber or arena etc so it’s good for CPP

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If you buy a second ANYMAZE licence you get a nice discount which make it more affordable.

but also now lighter versions of anymaze can be purchased separately for these observation specific applications

60000-TN ANY-maze, TakeNote module for manual scoring
60000-TNI ANY-maze, TakeNote & I/O modules


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