Digital Paw Pressure (Randall Selitto) for Mice - Thoughts?

I’m trying to expand our arsenal of mechanical nociception assays, beyond von Frey. How do people feel about paw pinch (Randal Selitto-style) assays?

I saw ths digital paw pinch with an interesting sling for the animals. Has anyone used this? thoughts?

There is also this one, which our lab has

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Good for rats; way too much restraint required for mice. You’ll be measuring stress-induced analgesia, not pain.


Same opinion of @jmogil . We are tyring the establish this:

I tried this back in 2014. The company sent me the device. It required a lot of training and I didn’t get clear results, even with the mouse-adapted apparatus.

DP Mohapatra when he was here at WashU made a device for mouse that looks good

@achamess do you know the difference in the apparatus? Looks like the same. I have worked together with a Brazilian company to developed a national one. So, I did some modifications to be adapted for mice. let’s see.

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