Best "supraspinal" nociceptive assays?

Looking for some input here. I want to try CPA, but it seems not so easy to create any kind of consistent results.

Maybe thermal gradient? Formalin (licking)? Hot plate (jumping/licking)? Any suggestions for mechanical assays?

Any ideas would be great!

See this thread:

We are now trying to set up the CPA in the model of Paclitaxel and SNI. I took a look in the Cheng paper. We are trying to avoid white and black boxes. We are using one white and one striped (black and white) chamber or one striped vertical and one horizontal. You should remember mice love dark places. It works well when we apply acetone. Another important technical details that is different from Cheng is that our chamber has one middle non-related chamber.
I will keep you posted and send additional information.

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Thanks Thiago! I tried the Cheng setup. I had a special chamber made. Truth is, the mice didn’t even like the dark very much more. It was still 50/50! I used dark red plexiglass so that I could still see inside but to the mice it should be dark. Light can still come up from the floor, but not so much.

Hope your experiments work well. Please keep us posted.