What's new in nociceptive behavior assays?

Anyone trying any cool new assays and want to share? I think there is a lot of excitement around automated behavior tracking and I hope to see many new assays developed using things like DeepLabCut.

Share some papers or experience

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Hi Alex,

I’m very interested in cold ramp or Thermal Gradient Ring (Zimmermann’s method). Have you tried one of this for neuropathic pain models? is there any automated method commercially available for mechanical allodynia? I have seen something form Michael Costigan lab, but I’m not sure it has been published already.

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I haven’t seen this but sounds interesting. I bet you could build an automated version if you were so inclined. Do you have any images of the apparatus?

From @Theodore.price and company.
An apparatus for automated dynamic allodynia testing. Very cool!

It seems very cool. @Theodore.price may you share more information about this method?