Inflammation and nerve injury minimally affect mouse voluntary behaviors proposed as indicators of pain

A very useful and well-done paper from @TSheahan

Glad you think so, @achamess, and thanks for sharing!

For sure. You did a lot of work and the results are important. it’s amazing though how these interventions like CFA or SNI, which we think causes so much pain, modestly affect the mouse’s overall function. Maybe they’re not experiencing as much pain as we suspect.

I actually found your paper when I was following citations from this paper, which you referenced:

I think this will ultimately be what we need to apply for pain. Capture some behavior of mice in pain models and let the computer try to detect behaviors that we wouldn’t normally look for. I recall @jordangmccall presented something along these lines at APS.

This is where things need to go. Even when done right, I’m skeptical of most pain behavior assays, having done enough of it now myself to know the ways in which the observer can be fooled. But even beyond that, even when done perfectly, our limited bread-and butter assays, like Von Frey, likely miss key aspects of the overall pain phenomenon. Hopefully in the future, new, more objective and more comprehensive behaviors assays will help us learn more.