Inhibitory Neurons in Lamina I-II

Anyone know specific populations of inhibitory neurons in lamina I-lamina II of the spinal cord? I’ve looked at Andrew Todd’s papers and I see sst2a (somatostatin receptor) come up frequently. Wondering if anyone else has more insight on this?

@ShanTan What do you want to know exactly? I consider those Todd papers the gold standard. Here is a recent one that address your question:

Are you wondering about the reliability of those markers? How easy it is to stain for them?

He uses a lot of IHC, and if you look at the staining, a lot of those neuropeptides don’t fill the whole cell body. Thus, you really need to be sure you believe your antibody and your microscopy is good. If you want to get those kinds of results, I’d do the IHC the way he recommends in the papers. Or use ISH to see cell bodies (which is what I do).