Pinprick Hyperalgesia - What stimulus?

What stimulus do you use for pin prick test in mice? I’ve seen various sharp “pins” described. Right now I use a 29 gauge insulin needle. That may be too sharp though. Also, the rate of force application matters and that’s hard to control.

What do you do? I feel like this is something we should standardize across labs.

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Another clever insight from Arcourt et al. (2017).

To control the force of the pinprick, they attached a dissecting pin (unspecified model) to a 1g VF fiber. That way you can control the force. It doesn’t control the rate of force, but at least it makes the final force consistent.

Here is a screenshot of the video:

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If you’re inside your university network, here is the video:

Also, later on in the paper, they rig up the pin-apparatus to a strain gauge so that they can monitor the exact timing of force application and withdrawal by the mouse. I’d like to know more about how they made that.

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