SFN 2019 Thread

It’s that time of the year again. Who will be at SFN? If you’re presenting a poster or giving a talk, please tell us here. Also, if there are some interesting talks or presentations related to pain that you’ve got your eye on, let us know.

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I wish :frowning: wont be there this year, hope twitter keeps me updated!

I will be there. Please see the Nanosymposium I have been included as a speaker.

Session Type: Nanosymposium
Session Number: 634
Session Title: Novel Insights Into Neuropathic Pain
Session Date and Time: 10/23/2019 8:00:00 AM - 10/23/2019 9:45:00 AM
Location/Room: McCormick Place: Room S104
Abstract Control Number: 8819

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I will be there presenting a preliminary characterization of Gucy2d+ neurons in the spinal dorsal horn (poster).

Title: Gucy2d is a novel and selective marker of a subset of dynorphin-expressing neurons in the spinal dorsal horn
Session Title: Somatosensation: Spinal Circuits
Session Number: 395
Presentation Number: 395.02
Presentation Time: Mon, Oct. 21, 2019 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Posterboard Number: L21

I’ll be there!
Title: Spinal calcitonin gene-related peptide promotes chronic pain plasticity and depolarizes dorsal horn chloride reversal potentials in female but not male mice
Session Title: Pain Models: Pharmacology
Session Time: 10/22/2019 8:00:00 AM - 10/22/2019 12:00:00 PM
Posterboard Number: J42

If you all are interested in Epitranscriptomics Hongjun Song from UPenn is giving a talk on Mon from 3:20-3:55 in room S100A - not exactly pain related, but still really cool.

Also, don’t forget the pain and itch social on Monday from 6:45-8:45pm in Room N139!

I will be there presenting on our latest paper which is up online now! https://www.nature.com/articles/s41386-019-0537-y

Abstract Title: Reversal of peripheral nerve injury-induced neuropathic pain and cognitive dysfunction via genetic and tomivosertib targeting of MNK
Session Title: Somatosensation: Treatments for Persistent Pain
Session Number: 748
Session Time: 10/23/2019 1:00:00 PM - 10/23/2019 5:00:00 PM
Presentation Number: 748.01
Presentation Time: Wed, Oct. 23, 2019 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Posterboard Number: F32

@achamess - A few of us from Price lab are hoping to talk to you (or any others from the Gereau lab) about human DRG cleaning and culturing based on https://www.nature.com/articles/nprot.2016.111

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I will be there, too. Poster on Sun afternoon: 218.19 / H25 - Transient receptor potential channel 4 as a novel target to relieve psoriasis (Presenter at Poster: Sun, Oct. 20, 2019 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM); and Minisymposium on Wed afternoon: 713.02 - Local sympathetic innervation drives macrophage polarization and chemotherapy-induced neuropathic pain (October 23, 2019, 1:35 PM - 1:55 PM, Room S102).

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