Antibodies for Human NaV1.7 and NaV1.8 antibodies that work well in Western Blotting

Any recommendations? @sshiers @mamocol

back in the neuromab days, their nav1.7 and nav1.8 antibodies were awesome for IHC and WB. you can still find these clones at different companies. that’s the one i use for Nav1.7 (clone N68/6) but for Nav1.8 i moved on to Alomone ASC-016. good luck

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Sorry for seeing this post so late!

The Nav1.7 antibody from NeuroMab is excellent. I’ve published with it before, and there is a paper showing KO validation in rodent. I have been unable to get the Nav1.8 NeuroMab antibody to work on human.

We had switched to the Nav1.8 Alomone (ASC-016) antibody, but it is not-specific. It stains sympathetic chain ganglia neurons (where Nav1.8 is not expressed), and also a collaborator tested it in cells transfected with other Navs and it was cross-reactive. Super bummer.

Since I haven’t been able to find a good Nav1.8 antibody, I have switched to using Trpv1 as my nociceptor marker since Trpv1 is expressed in all human nociceptors (its not a small population like in rodent!). TRPV1 Polyclonal Antibody (PA1-748)
This Trpv1 antibody works great.