Best slice harp for spinal slice electrophysiology?

Anyone have a recommendation for a good commercial harp to hold down slices? I’ve made one of out of paperclip and stocking and it’s not stable enough. What do you do?
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For slices, we use a slice anchor from Warner Instruments:

Specifically order number 64-1411, Model number SHD-22F/15. I think your ideal harp may depend on the size of your recording chamber so I’d take a look at their whole selection:

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Hey @liz and everyone else. An update. I got the
64-0253 (SHD-26GH/10)

It was definitely worth spending the money ($63, not much) to get a properly sized harp for the chamber I use R26-G. It fits perfectly and holds the slice down, and the 1 mm spacing is very adequate to advance a pipette to a spinal cord slice.