Cholera Toxin B for Retrograde Labeling of Sensory Neurons?

What are people’s thoughs on CTB for sensory neuron labeling?

I’ve seen it used a lot for motor neurons, and I know it’s been used for sensory neurons. But I recall hearing that there might be incomplete or selective labeling with CTB of certain neuronal populations? I want something as broad as possible that doesn’t bias toward one or another population.

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Do you want to see morphology or just identify the cells? DiI might be good for the latter. We haven’t tried in sensory neurons specifically, but we use it as our primary retrograde tracer from brain to spinal cord.

I want to identify cells. The reason I’m asking is because I wanted the expanded fluro possibilities of CTB. For green,blue and red, there are already good tracers. I mostly want to try the 647 channel.

Looks like CTB has a preference for large neurons in intact mice. So this would not be a good option if I were trying to label smaller sized nociceptive neurons

Yeah, this works great for A-fibers, but labels C-fibers after injury, it binds GM1 ganglioside. However, it also labels uninjured visceral C-fibers (PMID: 17070995).

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