Transgenic Cre or other reporter lines for specific labeling of sensory, motor and autonomic neurons in the periphery

I’m looking into mouse lines for labeling of sensory, motor and autonomic neurons.

For sensory, Advillin-Cre has been a go-to, but it’s specificity has been called into question

For autonomic, I’ve seen TH-Cre used, but TH is also in C-LTMRs.

For motor, one can use ChAT-Cre, although some autonomic should also have ChAT.

Is there any method or mouse line that can specifically label a single population?

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Collecting some responses from Twitter. Check it out.

Pirt-cre is a good alternative to Advillin, see images of DRG and skin tissues obtained recently in our lab.


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Oooh that’s pretty! Did you check spinal cord and other areas? Is Pirt also in sympathetic and motor?

A PhD student is characterizing these mice right now, and I will keep you posted. However, we obtained these mice from Qin Liu and she may have more information - just knock at her door!

We used Nav1.8-Cre mice to specifically target C-fibers, for deleting NMDA receptors:

and for deleting mu-opioid receptors:

In the first paper, peripherin-Cre mice were also used. Peripherin labels all primary afferent neurons.

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Hi! Cool work with the Nav1.8 -Cre line! I’m thinking about a pan-sensory neuronal marker, and I wonder if NaV1.8 or peripherin may be good options. Based on your work, do you think these might fit the bill? If so, do you have a good NaV1.8 antibody that perhaps works in humans as well as mice?

Are you asking about the Cre lines or IHC?

Check out this paper:

If you just want to label all the neurons in the DRG, fluorescent Nissl stain (Neurotrace) works pretty well:

Some people use TUBB3 to label all neurons in the DRG

Depends on what you’re trying to achieve.

See the recent paper from @sshiers for all these markers in humans