Is there any mouse line expressing GCamp pan-neuronally in the (dorsal horn of) spinal cord neurons?

I am new to spinal cord field. I read some paper, and found people usually use calcium indicator dye or AAV-Gcamp virus injection to spinal cord, or ore-line for specific neuronal types (e.g. vglut2-cre, etc.). I am wondering whether there is a mouse line that pan-neuronally expressing Gcamp in all the neurons in the spinal cord, or the dorsal horn of the spinal cord? Thank you!

I don’t think there are any existing pan-neuronal lines.You could try crossing a Syn-Cre animal with a reporter or some people like this Baf53b animal as a good pan-neuronal Cre. You might pick up the terminals of DRG neurons. That’s always the issue.