Intraganglionic injections into mouse DRG?


I’m needing to inject viral vectors directly into mouse DRG so that I can localize the expression just to the DRG. I can get very good expression when I inject intrathecally, but that enables the spread of the virus to parts of the CNS where I don’t want it to go.

So I need to do an intra-DRG injection. I know it can be done. A recent paper by Vicuna et al. in Nat. Med used intraganglionic injection to control transgene expression. And I know it can be done in the rat, but for mouse, I don’t have a detailed protocol.

I know that I will need to expose a DRG (lumbar, L4 probably), which will require some kind of laminectomy or small bone removal. It’d be great if anyone has some in-house protocols with images/video to help me perform this procedure. Also, if you’ve injected virus, some info on the volume and titer would be great.

@tberta do you have any thoughts on this?


Raquel, my postdoc, will start this kind of experiment in the next weeks and I am sure that she will share any information that may help you.

Our starting point is to replicate (more or less) what it was done by the same group in their previous publication: “Virions were diluted 1∶2 with 20% mannitol and injected unilaterally into L3 and L4 DRGs (1 µl per DRG, or approx. 107 transfection units per DRG)”. There is an impressive image of the GFP expression 2 weeks after injection.

To get to the DRGs, we will use the same approach that it use for the SNL model. We will do some test and try to take a movie of it.

Hopefully, we will become all expert in intraganglionic injections in few months :wink:


Thanks @tberta. Looking forward to what you find. We’re going to try as well using a small dental drill to create an open trajectory to the DRG. I’ll try to take videos/pictures.