Experience with electronic von Frey

I was wondering what peoples’ experience has been with electronic von Frey (eVF). It has been around for a long time, but everyone seems to keep using handheld filaments. I’ve heard eVF is inconsistent, which I can imagine for the handheld systems. I would have thought that a system like Ugo Basile’s device that you slide around under the mouse and then it automatically pokes the paw would be much more consistent than any handheld method. If anyone uses electronic von Frey, can they share their experience, what they thought of it and what device they used? Also perhaps normal withdrawal thresholds and what they saw with some model.

Hi @cdedek
I too asked the same questions when I got into mouse pain behavior.
See this thread;

I use the MouseMet eVF system. There are differences between conventional filaments and eVF because the former is a static, single force, whereas the eVFs tend to be a dynamic ramping force. They’re not apples to apples comparisons. Also, some find the eVFs to be ‘less sensitive’ to detect changes but some argue that is actually rather an inaccuracy on the side of the conventionals