Labeling of dural afferents with dyes or beads

Does anyone have experience with this and willing to provide a protocol (with pics?)

Why are you doing dura now, Alex? :smile: Yes, I do have experience. Use DiI. 10% DMSO in saline. But…I have only done this in a rat! Hard to access the mouse dura through the top of the skull.

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Thanks @janehartung. I may want to move up to the head :slight_smile: You mentioned mouse is hard. Would a stereotactic injector be helpful? I did see a paper in Mol Pain where they did the injection in mouse dura. So it’s possible. Probably not trivial. I’ll let you know.

Yeah I think that Greg Dussor’s group has been doing something of that fashion. Definitely going to be easier in a rat. I’m guessing you’ll be collecting labeled cells from the TG?

Good to know. Maybe I’ll reach out. Yes, I want to retrogradely label TGs from various sites and I’m thinking about the best ways.