Myc antibody for immunofluorescence on mDRG sections

Has anyone found a good Myc tag antibody for IHC that works on mouse tissue sections?
@sshiers @tberta @thicunha

@achamess We never used anti-Myc in IHC. In fact, I have ordered since we have now one reporter mice that express myc but not validated yet. I will let you know.

Thanks @thicunha . Good timing. Keep me posted. Which one is it?

@achamess we ordered this one: Myc-Tag (9B11) Mouse mAb #2276 from cell signaling. Have you tested anyone?

Nice find! Can’t go wrong with Cell Signaling antibodies. I haven’t tried any one yet but was gearing up to do so. Keep us posted.

@achamess sure I will do!