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Product Spotlight: Motor Neurons (DRGs and Spinal Cords)

BrainBits® isolates Dorsal Root Ganglia (“DRGs”) and Spinal Cords from rats and mice and delivers them directly to your facility. Tissues arrive suspended in media, ready to be used immediately. Never frozen, these tissues are not exposed to the harsh freeze / thaw cycles associated with cryogenically stored cells. This leads to significantly higher viability, quicker activity, and more consistent results. Store BrainBits® tissue in your refrigerator at 4OC and use within one week of receipt for best results.

Each DRG vial contains 10 pairs (20 ganglia) of DRGs. Each Spinal Cord vial contains one Spinal Cord. Standard tissues come from Sprague Dawley Rats and C57BL / 6 Mice. Other rat and mice models are available upon request. Standard ages are Embryonic Day 18, Postnatal Day 2, and Adult. Other ages are available upon request.

Ordering fresh DRGs and Spinal Cords from BrainBits® ensures that you are working with the highest quality and most consistent raw materials. At the same time, you avoid all headaches associated with animal sourcing, animal management, and tissue dissection. Order today. Discover tomorrow with BrainBits®.

Order online at; email; phone 217.789.9313; fax 217.789.9314

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