Best source for human DRG/TG/other tissues?

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Our lab has, for some time now, received frequent hDRG deliveries from NDRI. The quality of these samples has ranged from excellent to poor to one sample that was entirely peripheral nerve without a ganglia at all. Due to this inconsistency, we are now considering other options. I would love to hear where labs source their human DRG (or other tissues) and any opinions regarding this.


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Many groups have used and published with

Check it out and see if it meets your needs and budget.

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I have the same experience with NDRI with some DRGs that were procured 3 days after cross-clamp. obviously nothing was alive and we couldn’t do electrophysiology or calcium imaging with them. try to get in touch with the neurosurgeons at your university hospital, in some rare cases they have to take out DRGs during the surgery. They just discard them. so these tissues could be redirected to your lab pending IRB approval. It will not be a sustained supply of human DRG but the quality of the tissues will be amazing.

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We’re currently looking into both of these proposed solutions — good to know we’re on the right track toward better sample quality. Thanks for the info!