Best marker for 'activated' microglia - CD68?

Anyone have experience? Looking for the best antibody to mark ‘activated’ microglia. Currently looking into CD68. Looking for the best antibody/supplier for this. Thanks!

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They say CD68 is ‘activated’ but it’s there in naive animals too.

CD68 has been used in brain for “active” microglia and in periphery to label infiltrated and “active” macrophages.
I don’t recall papers showing CD68 staining in spinal cord and also what is the functional meaning of a CD68 increase. Instead I would recommend the use of p-p38 from Cell Signaling as a marker for microglia activation in the context of pain.


Spent almost a year of my PhD trying to find something for spinal cord microglia activation. CD68 is variable and not absent at baseline in spinal cord. Haven’t tried p-p38 but now I will look into it!

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