Molecular markers for resident vs infiltrated macrophages/monocytes?

Does anyone have suggestions for molecular markers to distinguish resident and infiltrated macrophages/monocytes? Iba-1 is the most popular marker for macrophages, but literature is controversial about which kind of macrophages express this calcium-binding molecule. CD68, CD11b, CCR2 are also other commonly used markers, but again there is no consensus on which kind of macrophages they label. Any idea?

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I don’t have any markers off the top of my head, but if you’re looking for CNS infiltration, these recent papers might help you out:

Thank you. I noted at a conference cd163, cd39, MchII and Cx3cr1 as mostly expressed in resident macrophages, but I cannot find a reference for these markers. I will have a look at the papers that you sent.

@tberta for inflammatory monocytes infiltration CCR2 is the best choice. The problem is that there is no good antibody. All of them I have used are unspecific since it labels in KO mice. Now, I’m using the CCR2-RFP mice.

Thank you @thicunha. I may use indeed these mice and the strategy indicated by Peng et al.( to distinguish and characterize infiltrated monocytes (CCR2-RFP) vs. resident macrophages (CX3CR1-GFP).

Just read this article ( about markers of resident vs infiltrated macrophages in liver. They may apply to our research in the peripheral nervous system. We will test them and keep you posted.

@tberta please let us know if you did any progression.