Tmem119-EGFP and Tmem119-CreERT2 transgenic mice for labeling and

@ShanTan you might find this useful

Thanks @achamess! Just heard about these. So many problems with the other lines available (CX3CR1, Iba1 cre…). This looks promising.

Nice! This will likely become an important tool for microglia folks. Let us know how it goes if you use it.

I just ordered these mice. I will cross them with the tdTomato and keep you posted with some pictures - ASAP :wink:

Excellent! Thanks @tberta. I hope it looks good.

Any updates on this @tberta? We just received this line and crossed them with Tdtom. Hoping it looks okay!

Not yet - we are at the same stage and waiting for the first delivery of Tmem119Cre/tdTomato pups. We will keep you posted. Meanwhile, the manuscript characterizing these mice just came out in eNeuro. Here the link: