Ca++ imaging in DRGs

Can anyone suggest a user-friendly method to analyze calcium images in DRG cultures? Perhaps there is already a CellProfiler pipeline people are familiar with? Thanks!!

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Hi @vanja. We use the program MetaFluor in our lab for acquisition, and it has some decent analysis features too. I don’t have a good answer, but I’m interested as well. @fmoehring is experienced with calcium imaging DRGs, so she might have some insights. Are you using GCaMP or dye?

Hi Achamess, we are using a dye. we are just now trying to set up responses to K+ or capsaicin. K+ worked and we want to set up the imaging analysis. you have recently set up ca imaging in your lab? we arae using basic zeiss software for data acquisition and are now debating between imagej or cell profiler. we would prefer cell profiler, as it seems to be a very versatile system adn we want to set it up for other things as well… would appreciate any help you can offer. v.

Our lab does a lot of Ca imaging and we have had good luck with the metafluor software and system. You may also want to check out using Fiji (which is an offshoot of Image J), which should allow you to put ROIs around your data and then measure that over time. @vanja–are you using Fura2? The one concern I’ve had would be making sure your ROIs are in the exact same spot for 340 and for 380.

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