Comprehensive study of voluntary, evoked and home cage behaviors in the SNI model

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Thanks for sharing this. The same group also published a similar paper using CFA instead of SNI and observed interesting pain-associated changes in a variety of behaviors.

The question is whether their observed outcomes remain similar for female rodents. Females have a much higher baseline rate of certain behaviors (wheel running, locomotor activity). It would be interesting to determine the contribution of social housing conditions on these same behaviors in female rats/mice.

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Hey Ram,

Thanks for sharing that paper. It’s effectively the same paper applied to CFA. Even the verbiage is the same in parts.

It’d be good to look for sex differences/similarities. I imagine there would be some difference. I’m glad they performed all these assays, even if just on male mice. I’d also like to know which of the behaviors they looked at respond to known analgesics. That’s another way to assess their validity.