Con/Fon labeling in DRG

Does anyone know of a good AAV vector to express a fluorophore in a Cre- and Flp-dependent manner in DRG neurons?

Are you asking for serotype? Where and how to do plan to deliver? AAV9 and Retro are reported to work well via the intrathecal route

I am asking for a plasmid. I can deliver either intrathecally or systemically. I have tried the PHP.S-hSyn-Con/Fon-EYFP from Addgene both intrathecally and systemically which only worked partially (low efficiency). I tried to produce a custom-made plasmid with a CBA promoter (through VectorBuilder) which did not work at all.

Got it. Sorry. That i do not know. But you did all the right things. So you changed the promoter to CBA. When you say it didn’t work, do you mean they couldn’t produce the plasmid or rather, you made AAV and it had no expression?

You could try CAG (not CBA, although similar).