Intrathecal Bicuculline/Strychnine as a model of mechanical allodynia in mouse?

I want to induce mechanical allodynia in a reversible way. Capsaicin is one way, but I’ve also looked at bicuculline/strychnine, which are GABA and glycine antagonists, respectively.

In this paper by Cheng et al. they used 20 ng Bicuc and 50 ng strychnine intrathecally.
I tried this dose today, but mechanical hypersensitivity wasn’t apparent at 1 hour. I think maybe I waited too long to test. The time course might be very short.

As suggested by this paper, peak effects were in 10 mins

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That doesn’t give you much wiggle room to do your testing and inject a whole cohort of mice.

I saw in Francois 2017, they used 1 ng bicuculline, which is much less than Cheng 2017. The time frame is not indicated (AFAIK)

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So does anyone have experience using these agents in mice?

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