Pax2 antibody help

Wondering if anyone has had successful staining with Pax2 antibodies?

I’ve tried a rabbit polyclonal antibody from abcam, and a goat polyclonal from R&D systems. I’ve done concentration curves, but I’m finding that even at the lowest concentrations (1:2000), most neurons still seem to be staining for Pax2 (costaining with NeuN). I can reduce concentration even more…just wondering if maybe the antibodies I’m using are no good. Some neurons appear less bright than others, but from what I had read in the literature, it should be clearly positive with Pax2, or nothing at all. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!



This is the good one. Sorry you tried those other ones first.

You can see it here in one of my image panels:

Also, don’t fix too long. Light fixation. 1-2h post fix after your PFA perfusion.

I think the rabbit anti-PAX2 antibody from Thermo Fisher Scientific Cat#716000 is better.image is spinal dorsal horn

I bought this antibody, this picture is from our lab.

Who knows which company has a good TLX3 antibody?

The TLX3 ab thay everyone uses in papers is from Carmen Birchmaer’s Lab in Germany. Ask if they will send you some. I asked and they were very generous.

But it’s be nice if there were a good commercial one.

Thanks, ALEX. I will try the TLX3 antibody from GeneTex Company.