P2X3 Antibodies

Can anyone recommend a good clean western blotting antibody for human P2X3? It looks like most of the widely-used antibodies for rodent P2X3 don’t work in human.

I don’t have any specific experience but this is a good resource:

Looks like the Alomone one detects human

But my personal experience with Alomone abs doing a Western-like assay (Wes, Protein Simple) has been poor. Cell Signaling antibodies are almost always a win, sometimes Millipore. Worth a try. See if you can get some trials.

Thanks! We just purchased the Alomone antibody and it didn’t work for mouse IHC or human western on the first try, but we will do some trouble-shooting to see if we can’t get it to work. I will post results if we succeed.

Honestly that’s been my experience with Alomone. Haven’t really gotten one to work yet for any assay, although I see citations showing that they can work. Do you need protein level detection or could you do an RNAscope? You should see if you can get money back for the Alomone if you did it with an approved application (mouse IHC).