Recommendation for ATF3 antibody (not Santa Cruz)

Does anyone have recommendations for an ATF3 antibody? The Santa Cruz one was excellent but is no longer available.

@tberta @liz

@sshiers have any suggestions?

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Is the one from Santa Cruz a mouse monoclonal?

This was the one that worked well:
No longer available.

We are considering to try the following one:

We will keep you posted!

Thanks @tberta. Please keep us posted.


There is a rabbit monoclonal from abcam that works great.

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Awesome! Thanks @ShanTan

We’re about to test out the Abcam rabbit on DRG and SC this week …

also, has anyone looked at ATF3 in the brain after a peripheral injury? I saw in the ATF3-CreERT2 mouse paper ( that they showed a qualitative image of ATF3 in PVT, but I couldn’t find other examples …

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