Postdoc positions in Gereau Lab - Washington University in St. Louis

Post-doctoral positions:

The lab offers diverse training in advanced techniques in neuroscience including opportunities in ex vivo and in vivo electrophysiology (patch clamp, single unit recordings), imaging (photometry, miniscopes, 2p) and genetic analysis (bulk / single-cell RNAseq). The lab is currently recruiting for multiple positions, with opportunities in the following areas:

Neural circuit dynamics underlying chronic pain: This position will incorporate state of the art optogenetics, patch clamp electrophysiology, in vivo imaging of neuronal activity, circuit mapping and development/refinement of novel micro-scale optoelectronic systems, with a goal of understanding circuit and cellular mechanisms of acute and chronic pain. See Massaly et al, Neuron 2019; Samineni et al, eNeuro 2017; Siuda et al, Neuron 2015

Human neuroscience - cells and circuits : This position will take advantage of the unique infrastructure the lab has developed allowing acquisition of live human tissues (dorsal root ganglia, spinal cord) enabling genetic, electrophysiological, and imaging studies on human pain cells and circuits. Opportunities for projects involving electrophysiology, imaging, single-cell sequencing and others are available. See Valtcheva et al, Nature Protocols 2016; Sheahan et al, eNeuro 2018; Davidson et al, Pain 2014

Development innovative neurotechnologies : This position will work in partnership with the materials science group in the lab of John Rogers to develop new technologies for measurement and manipulation of neural circuits in vivo. See Mickle et al, Nature , 2019; Zhang et al, Science Adv . 2019; Samineni et al, Pain 2017; Shin et al, Neuron 2017; Park et al, Nature Biotechnology 2015.

A successful candidate should have the following qualifications:
• Ph.D. in Neuroscience, Biomedical Engineering, Cell Biology or related field, with a track record of productivity and innovation
• Solid background and hands-on experience in electrophysiology, in vivo imaging, biomedical engineering, or optogenetics. Experience in coding (MATLAB, R, Python) is a plus.
• Creative thinking skills, command of the neuroscience literature
• Affinity for performing experimental animal research
• Ability to work collaboratively with excellent communication skills

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