Time course of light touch-induced pERK in Neuropathic Models

I’m looking for some references for phospho-ERK induction in the dorsal horn in response to light touch stimuli (e.g. cotton) in neuropathic models, namely CCI or SNI.

For example, in the CFA model, Gao et al. used cotton brush on the hindpaw for 5 minutes and quantified pERK in the dorsal horn following stimulation.

Are there comparable papers for pERK in neuropathic models? Mostly, I want to know the best time point.

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@achamess we have in our hand a significant increase in the dorsal horn 7 days after SNI

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@achamess Sorry but it is baseline not after touch

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@thicunha Thanks! Have you published that data? Or if not, could you tell me some details about your protocol?

  • Mice or rats?
  • What time point? (7 days)?
  • What segment? (L3, L4 or L5?)
  • Section and staining (free floating, 30-40 um?)

I want to make pick the time point at which the basal level is not very high so I can see some stimulus-induced increases.

@achamess Here I go with the answers:

It was performed in mice and is not published yet. 7 days after SNI. L3-L5, WB