Can any one suggest good pERK antibody and also what is the best time point to get good activation?

Looking for good pERK antibody (Cat log no., Lot. No.) and dilution needed to be used in the spinal cord.
Also could you suggest best time point to get good pERK immunostaining.

Hi @SamineniV,


The pERK antibody that most people use is this one from Cell Signaling: Phospho-p44/42 MAPK (Erk1/2) (Thr202/Tyr204) Antibody | Cell Signaling Technology

This is an excellent antibody and gives good staining if there is real signal. I’ve used at 1:500 in free floating spinal cord sections. @zhzhj131421 and @zhisrich have both gotten beautiful staining with this ab in this way. @janehartung also has experience pERK staining with this antibody.

Best time point is dependent on what model or stimulus you’re using. See the other discussion here about neuropathic models:

In general though, after a stimulus, such as capsaicin or other noxious stimulus, the pERK signal is very rapid, peaking at about 5 mins. This is in contrast to IEGs such as Fos, which usually peak around 1-2 hours. See the review by Gao and @rurongji :

Good luck!

Thanks a lot, this is very helpful. Thanks for creating this forum this very helpful for pain researchers.

Great. Happy to help @SamineniV . Glad you like the site. Please share it with your classmates and colleagues. The more people here, the better the discussions will be.