Lentiviral expression of sodium channels?

Has anyone seen delivery of sodium channels (SCN9A, SCN10A, etc.) to primary cells (e.g. DRG culture) or cell lines via lentivirus? I haven’t come up with anything. I think the SCN genes, which are ~6K bases, might be too large. @AubinMoutal @mamocol @tberta @thicunha

yes! we did this to deliver mutated channels and then record the effect of mutations on currents. all in native DRG neurons. (Identification and targeting of a unique NaV1.7 domain driving chronic pain | bioRxiv)
It was via electroporation, no viruses. I have the machine in my lab if you want to try it! with electroporation, we reliably get 20-30% of DRGs transfected.
I didn’t try lentivirus but this could be within packaging capacity with a good desing of your vector. My vector for CRISPR is giant and could be put into lentiviruses no problem!

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