Open Thread - Society for Neuroscience (SFN) 2016 Highlights for Pain Researchers

Open thread. SFN can be overwhelming, but collectively, we can share what we learned and what we thought was interesting.

So let’s use this thread to post about interesting posters, talks, symposia, and other things.

@achamess I will be on SFN meeting. maybe we can meet there? regards,

Hi @thicunha. Yeah, that sounds great. If you’re around on Tuesday, I’ll be presenting my poster between 1-5 PM.

Optogenetic control of Αβ-fibers in acute and chronic pain conditions!/4071/presentation/14005

Are you or your students presenting anything? I’ll try to come check out.

Hi @achamess I’m already in SFN. I will visit your poster. I also have a poster presentation at the same time. I will be around. regards, Thiago

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I really wish I was there to visit your poster! I found it very interesting that according to your abstract with the optogenetic activation you did not see any noxious responses.

@fmoehring - I’ll send you the poster and video if you’d like. Check your PM.

Very cool work. I have some questions about it. Did you use L2-L3 DRGs to characterize the co-expression profile? and when you stimulate with light, how deep do you think it goes into the tissue, do you think it goes deep enough to stimulate past the skin?

Hey @lfqueme

Thanks. We used L3-L5, since those DRGs are the major contributors to the paw skin.

It’s possible the light goes deeper. I can’t rule that out, but unlikely given that blue light doesn’t penetrate tissue very much (see this too). Using retrograde labeling I’ve shown that the fibers that terminate in the skin are not proprioceptors (PV+).