Pulling glass pipettes for spinal cord viral injections

Hi all,
Can anyone here recommend some parameters for making glass capillaries for injecting into the spinal cord? If you use a puller (e.g. Sutter P1000 or P-97), can you recommend settings? Or what diameter bore size are you looking for? And any preferences on capillaries (vendor, size, etc.)?

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FYI: Here is a recipe from @zhzhj131421 : http://www.bio-protocol.org/e2020

Prepare the glass capillary: the glass capillaries are pulled by a P-97 micropipette puller with the heat: 850, vel: 30, and time: 250.
Trim the tip of the glass capillary tube with scissors under operating microscope, so that the tapered tip has an outer diameter of about 50 μm.
Insert the tip of glass microliter syringe (type of volume 10μl) into the glass capillary, and seal the junction with hot glue (Video 1).
Fill the glass microliter syringe and glass capillary with liquid paraffin, evacuate the air in them.
Fix the microinjection set on the desktop digital stereotaxic instruments.