Quantifying DRG neuronal death after axotomy

I have a knockout mouse line with which I want to test whether the knockout effects neuronal loss after axotomy.

I am thinking about performing axotomy and then using Neurotrace to count the number of neuronal profiles.

Does anyone have any other suggested methods for quantifying neuronal loss? Maybe some IHC stains or morphological features?

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IHC for Peripherin or NeuN?

Thanks! That could also work.

The rabbit peripherin ab from Sigma is TERRIFIC.

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That is some very good intel. I haven’t had great success with Peripherin. Can you provide the catalog number? Does it work on human too? @sshiers

Its stunning on both mouse and human DRG… https://www.sigmaaldrich.com/catalog/product/sigma/sab4502419?lang=en&region=US

I use it at 1:1000 (but honestly could probably go down to 1:2000) on fresh frozen human and mouse DRG.

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