FosGFP Mice for Noxious Stimulation - Some results

For anyone who is interested, I recently piloted using noxious heat stimulation (55C for 30 s) in a FosGFP animal (Barth 2004).

Looks pretty good. Fos IHC is superior no doubt, but that has been reported. For electrophysiology, this is useful. I perfused 2 hours after stimulation.

Is that the PC-38 antibody for cFos? GFP looks nice. What did without heat stimulation look like? Thanks for sharing this.

@RPSeal Contra side and also no stimulus control had very little signal. Maybe a single random GFP+ cell. Also, I should add that this is the native GFP fluorescence. I’m sure it would look much better with anti-GFP antibody, but that would be unrealistic for using it live. This is the Santa Cruz goat anti-Fos sc-52 (the original one, before they stopped selling it). This is also 14 um mounted slice, not free floating. Overall I’m satisfied with this.

Ok. Sounds good! Thanks again Alex. Very nice.

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